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ScrollUps Restaurant Takeout Menus

The Ultimate Takeout Menu - and Branding Tool!
Scrollups are unique and fun takeout menus that roll-up and attach to keychains and purses, setting you apart from the competition while keeping your brand in front of the customer at all times. Ideal for every to-go menu, they roll out to reveal two sides of full color menus with tons of room for marketing messages, directions, or loyalty program information. When not in use, they just roll up and attach to keychains, jackets, backpacks and purses. Best yet, they are kept and carried - not thrown away - a great green alternative to paper menus that become instant trash or litter.

They’ll Carry Them Everywhere - All Year Long!
Increasing same store sales and building loyalty means staying top of mind. ScrollUps are mobile takeout menus that attach to a keychain, rolling up into a compact tube that attaches to anything and is carried everywhere, keeping both the restaurant and its products continuous, "always there" exposure for months to come. They’re also fun to play with, making them both a conversation piece and a collector’s item.

Great Features, Low Price Point!

  • Compact – small in size, yet easy to read and use
  • Yet Large – unrolls to reveal a full menu, prices, and other information
  • Attachable – hooks right to keychains, jackets, backpacks, or purses
  • High Res/Two-Sided – crisp, easy to read images on both sides
  • Weather Resistant – made from special waterproof paper that doesn’t tear
  • Customizable – add logos, sponsors, colors, and more
  • A Green Alternative – long-lasting, isn’t thrown out and doesn’t turn into litter!

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